Hiring and Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

Our hiring software allows businesses to quickly find, manage, and hire the right employees.


Hiring an employee is expensive, time-consuming, and extremely difficult in today’s job market.

PrismHR’s highly configurable ATS software streamlines your hiring process and was built specifically for the needs of small and medium businesses. We help you find and hire top employees faster than your competitors.

Deliver a Better Recruiter and Candidate Experience

To be competitive in the race for talent, you and your team need ATS software that can support an efficient and modern hiring approach. It’s not just about hiring faster, but also about hiring better.


The best tools are intuitive — the PrismHR ATS system is simplified so anyone can quickly get started.


Speed is everything – easily find and stay in touch with candidates to drastically improve time-to-hire.

Automated and Seamless

Streamlined ATS software reduces the amount of time your team needs to spend managing the hiring process.

Access to Key Metrics

Track and report on the data that helps improve internal processes and finds better employees.

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Getting lost in stacks of resumes, tracking emails and filing applications? Get rid of those old processes that require paper shuffling and file folders. PrismHR’s ATS software gives you everything you need including:

Integrated Career Portal – Positions are automatically posted and updated on your career portal when you create new positions or apply updates in the ATS System.

Job Posting – Automatically post jobs to Indeed, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, or Zip Recruiter to get the word out about your openings.

Custom Screening Questions – Create position specific screening questions that will score and rank candidates as they apply for your openings.

ATS system candidates screenshot

Applicant tracking system (ATS) software reporting screenshot

Candidate Communication – Automatically notify candidates through the Applicant Tracking System’s automated email triggers, or through SMS/text, defined by you and your team.

Workflow and Manager Tools – Easily configure custom workflows to ensure all the right team members are included in the hiring process.

Electronic Offer Letters – Create, manage and send offer letters right from the ATS System.

Analytics – Track and report on candidate sourcing and status, careers portal, time-to-fill, cost-per-hire and more from within the ATS software.

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