Employee Onboarding

Paperless employee onboarding software gets new hires focused on their job earlier.


The first few days of an employee’s job are critical to setting them (and you) up for success. Unfortunately, required new hire paperwork and formalities can bog down the process and lead to lower employee satisfaction.

PrismHR Employee Onboarding software provides a simple, step-by-step process that can be completed on any device, from anywhere. Say goodbye to paper forms and confusion with paperless onboarding.

Create Better First Days

PrismHR Employee Onboarding software allows your new hires to quickly and easily move through the onboarding process. This enables them and your team to focus on the activities that will set new hires up for success in their role.

Save Time

Paperless onboarding software drastically reduces the time needed to capture and record employee data.

Improve Accuracy

Employees are guided through the onboarding process and never need to send paperwork.

Increase Employee Satisfaction

Welcome new hires to your company with a faster, pain-free onboarding process.

Reduce Risk

Capture digital signatures, and all employee onboarding forms are automatically tracked, stored, and auditable.

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PrismHR Employee Onboarding software provides everything you need to quickly get your new hires through onboarding and focused on their new role. Improve employee time-to-productivity with:

FASTER AND EASIER EMPLOYEE ONBOARDING – Onboarding is paperless, dramatically reducing the time needed to capture employee data and get them integrated with your team. With Onboarding, your new employees can quickly complete necessary forms, view faculty and organization charts, watch videos, and more.

GREAT NEW-HIRE EXPERIENCE – With Employee Onboarding, new employees have a great experience from day one. The easy-to-use, mobile-friendly interface ensures new employees can quickly and easily complete the onboarding process without assistance. It creates a great first impression of your business and gets employees onboarded faster.

The dashboard for PrismHR's employee onboarding software

Custom onboarding workflows are scalable for your business

CUSTOM ONBOARDING AND WORKFLOWS – Assign workflow tasks to back office support staff. Assign and track the completion of email accounts, network accounts, business cards or office space requisitioned in real time. Create custom onboarding plans for both new hires and internal movement of employees from one position to another.

EMPLOYEE PORTAL – The Employee Portal allows new employees to access forms, videos, calendars, policy manual and benefit information all from one screen.

SECURE – All forms and documents associated with Onboarding are securely tracked and stored. Digital signatures can be easily captured for complete and auditable records.

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