Employee Portal

Give your employees and managers easy access to the HR and payroll information they need from any device.


PrismHR Employee Portal makes it simple for your employees to view and download important HR and payroll-related information all by themselves—any time, from any device.

That means fewer interruptions that pull your focus away from growing your business.

  • Benefits details and enrollment
  • Pay stubs
  • Paid Time Off requests (and approvals for managers)
  • Document management (e.g., policies, handbooks)
  • Personal contact and employment information
  • Company event and holiday calendar
  • Tax documents (e.g., W-2)
  • HR support contacts
  • Company-wide announcements

All of this along with full Spanish support provides an employee-centric experience that ensures greater satisfaction and loyalty across your workforce.

PrismHR's employee HR portal dashboard

Employees get 24x7 access to their HR portal, on any device or phone

24×7 Access From Any Device

Employee Portal gives employees 24×7 access to the information they need.

And with its responsive design, Employee Portal looks and works great on whatever type of device an employee is using—smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop.

Manager Approvals Made Simple

Managers can easily approve time off requests—even on mobile devices—and see employee details for members of their team.

Because they do it all within the same environment they use as an individual employee, there’s no need to spend time learning a new system. And with Employee Portal’s customizable security, you choose what you want each manager to see.

Interested in giving select managers advanced functionality such as payroll approval, HR actions (e.g., hiring/termination), and organization-wide reporting? Contact us to learn more.

Manager approvals are simple in our HR employee portal software

Easy password recovery limits support requests in our HR employee portal

Easy Account Recovery = Fewer Support Requests

Employees can quickly retrieve their username or reset their password without assistance. That means fewer calls to you and your support staff.

Customize the User Experience with Your Logo and Branding

Employee Portal can be customized with your logo and background image, providing employees with a familiar experience while reinforcing your brand.

Your employee HR portal can easily be customized with the logo and branding of your business

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Contact us to learn how PrismHR Employee Portal can improve your efficiency and help grow your business.

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