What is ATS?

By Dan Doherty

ATS stands for Applicant Tracking System, which is software that allows businesses to electronically manage employee recruitment and hiring.

An ATS can be used by businesses of all sizes to streamline the employee hiring process and improve the quality of the job applicants.  It allows your business to quickly find and hire the best employees while minimizing time spent managing this process.

Applicant tracking system software allows business owners to easily do everything they need – from searching for candidates to completing hiring paperwork online – without getting lost in stacks of resumes, tracking emails, and filing applications.

What does ATS software do?

Our PrismHR ATS software can simplify your business’s hiring process by managing and automating the steps needed to find and hire new employees.  This includes: 

  • Job postings: Automatically post jobs to all of the online job boards, including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, ZIP Recruiter, and many others
  • Custom screening questions: Automatically score and rank candidates who apply for open positions so you can review the most qualified applicants
  • Candidate communication: Reach out to selected applicants (and track responses) using automated email triggers or SMS text messages
  • Workflows and tools for managers: Ensure that the right team members are included in the hiring and communication process
  • Electronic offer letters: Create, send, and track offer letters from within the ATS
  • Analytics and reporting: Easily track and report on applicant statuses, hiring times, cost-per-hire, and more


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