Employee Portal

Empower Employees and Managers with a Modern HR Self-Service Experience

The PrismHR Employee Portal enhances the employee experience with a modern, easy-to-use interface that can be used on any device, anywhere.

Its intuitive, professional design can be your competitive edge to win and retain more business, and the portal can be customized to fit all your clients’ needs.

All of this along with full Spanish support provides an employee and manager experience that ensures more satisfied, loyal clients and reduces support costs.

Need login help?

Are you an employee needing login or registration help? Visit our employee login help page.

Win & Retain More Business

Today’s employees expect an intuitive, easy-to-use HR employee portal interface so they can easily find what they need without assistance.

The Employee Portal’s modern, professional design can be your competitive edge with prospective clients. And it ensures more satisfied employees and managers, which in turn keeps your clients happy and loyal.

HR Employee Portal will upgrade the user experience for worksite employees and managers.

See Employee Portal in Action

Take a look at the intuitive interface and user experience of PrismHR Employee Portal.

Access From Any Device, Anywhere, Anytime

Employees can access their employee portal from anywhere, on any device. With its responsive design, Employee Portal delivers an optimized experience on smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops, making it easy for employees to get the information they want, when they want.

Simplify Manager Approvals

Allow managers to see employee details for their team and approve time off requests—all within the same familiar environment they use as an employee. With customizable security, you can ensure each manager has access only to what you want them to see.

Want to give managers the ability to do more? Learn more about advanced functionality through Manager Self Service.

Reduce Support Costs

Logging in to the Employee Portal is easy and account recovery is simple. Employees can quickly and easily retrieve their username or reset their password without assistance, and that means far fewer calls to your support team.

Learn More About PrismHR Employee Portal

Contact us to learn how PrismHR can improve your efficiency and help grow your business.

Customize the User Experience

The Employee Portal can be customized with your logo and background image, reinforcing your brand with employees. Or it can be customized with a client’s brand images.

And with a PrismHR Custom Domain, you can keep the branding of your services consistent by providing access to the portal via your own domain or subdomain.  Learn more about Custom Domain (PDF).

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