Payroll is fast, easy, and accurate with PrismHR.


When it comes to HR functions, Payroll is often taken for granted. Ensuring employees are paid the right amount on time is really important for your business and you shouldn’t have to deal with the intricacies of running payroll.

PrismHR and its ecosystem of HR service providers process more than $80 billion in payroll annually, supporting more than 80,000 businesses in the US. So you can rest easy knowing payroll will be on time, every time.

Fast and Efficient Payroll Processing

As a business owner, you are passionate about running your business and satisfying your customers – not the hassle of payroll. PrismHR payroll software for small business allows you to stay focused on your business while quickly and easily managing payroll.

Your payroll data is automatically integrated with other PrismHR software, so you never have to rekey anything from one system to another. And with $80 billion in annual payroll processed, you can rest easy knowing that PrismHR is a tried-and-true payroll solution.

You can quickly review timesheets, process your payrolls, and even see payroll status in real-time.

Always Accurate Data

Always accurate calculations and processing ensures reliable payroll service for your business. Automated employee tax calculations reduce complexity in processing.

PrismHR workflows and alerts ensure all necessary processes are completed accurately and confirms a wire transfer has completed before a payroll processes.

Flexible Filters and Layout Options

PrismHR payroll software for small business is consistently recognized for its flexibility, including features such as:

  • Control ACH debit limits and set global maximum check amounts
  • Set prospective pay rate changes for the future
  • Identify state licensing errors
  • Control over garnishments

Safe and Secure Data

PrismHR multifaceted security approach offers protection at every layer of the technology.

  • World-class Security: monitored 24/7/365 to protect against data breaches and cyberattacks
  • Role-based Security Ensures Data Privacy
  • Strict Passwords and Multi-factor Authentication
  • Strong Data Center Security

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