Reporting and HR Analytics

Uncover the HR analytics that drive better business outcomes.


The most efficient businesses are able to use HR analytics to optimize processes and make decisions based on data. Whether it’s to improve hiring, ensure time is tracked properly, or confirm compensation is in line, data is the lifeblood of any organization.

With visibility into all HR processes – from hiring and onboarding to payroll and PTO – PrismHR reporting and analytics dashboard helps you make informed decisions with data that is just a click or tap away.

Real Time Reporting for Every Situation

PrismHR reporting covers everything you need; timesheets, applicant tracking, compliance (EEO), onboarding, performance appraisals, employee details, and more.


Your HR analytics dashboard shows data across all PrismHR modules


Easily customize, filter, and export HR reports


Spend time making decisions, not collecting and compiling data

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Using a simple and easy-to-use HR analytics dashboard, you can search to quickly find any report you need and add frequently-used reports to the favorites menu for faster access.

Pre-built reports let you quickly access payroll, HR, and employee data that can be filtered using a wide range of parameters.

Automated payroll reports make it easy to access your payroll history and you can view payrolls by date range, payroll number, location and more. Reports can be exported to Excel, PDF or printed right from the report.

Access to this HR reporting data is controlled through role-based permissions, so individual managers only see the data they need.

PrismHR's reporting can be viewed in your HR analytics dashboard

HR Playbook for Small and Midsize Companies

HR Playbook for Small and Midsize Companies

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