Time and Labor Tracking

Maximize productivity with get visibility into time and labor costs with employee time tracking software.


A Seamless Integration With Payroll, Benefits and HR

With Time and Labor, there’s no need to export and import time data between payrolls. You’ll save hours of administrative work and get greater visibility into your labor expenses.

Save Time and Money While Reducing Risk

Reduce Labor Cost

Gain clear visibility of your labor expenses. Control wages and overtime by paying accurately and to the minute with our small business employee time tracking software.

Lower Administration Cost

Turn hours of administration into minutes with smart, accurate employee time tracking. Save countless hours across the organization.

Decrease Compliance Risk

Minimize non-compliance risk. Streamline your FLSA, ACA, and other compliance challenges with automation.

Increase Employee Productivity

Simplify time management, time off, and scheduling. Empower your employees to be accountable through convenient tools:

  • Mobile Application
  • Time Off Approvals
  • Manager Dashboard
  • PTO Accrual Management
  • GPS Location Validation
  • User-Defined Custom Fields
  • Advanced Scheduling
  • Timesheet Entry
  • Powerful Pay Rules Engine
  • Job Costing
  • View Employee Status
  • Break Tracking

Work Faster with a Unified Solution

Experience the convenience of time data that flows seamlessly between Payroll, Benefits and HR. No need to export and import time data between payrolls. Now it’s easier than ever to set up your team, eliminate manual processing, data entry, and other related issues. Save your staff valuable hours, from HR to supervisors and employees, so they can focus on productivity.

No longer rely on spreadsheets, disparate timesheets, or stand-alone employee time tracking systems that aren’t fully integrated with your workforce’s data.

With a solution that’s fully integrated across Payroll, HR, and Benefits, you get better productivity from your staff, reduced administration, smarter compliance, and you’ll never have to manage different user names, passwords, or worry about logging into multiple systems.

Drive Down Labor Cost

Employee labor is costly, but integrated employee time tracking software can quickly reduce your costs.

When you gain the ability to monitor, control, and understand your labor investment you can reduce overtime, time theft, and other administrative costs. Start paying employees accurately while increasing productivity with our small business employee time tracking solution.

Flexible Employee Time Tracking Software Options

Choose from a variety of employee time tracking options to track time according to the needs of your small business.


The most widely available method for employee time tracking allows users to clock in and out using a web browser. Employees clock in and out, change their cost centers throughout the day, view and approve their hours, add notes to the segments, and even request time off.

Mobile App

Native applications for iOS and Android that allow employees to clock in and out, view and approve their hours, and request time off. GPS Stamp Capabilities tie clock operations to a physical location.

RDTg Terminals

Wall mounted Remote Data Terminals that allow employees to clock in and out, change their cost centers, view and approve their hours and request time off, and see messages sent through the Time & Labor system.

Timesheet Entry

For employees with special duties that must be added to their timesheet later, or for salaried/classified individuals who need to enter time instead of clocking in/out of each shift.

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