Employee Performance

Should You Fire Your Employee Performance Review Process?

There’s no doubt a good employee performance review process is essential for success in a company. Most managers know they need to provide feedback to employees. Unfortunately, most businesses are doing job performance reviews incorrectly. If you are going to implement an employee performance evaluation system, then you need to be sure to choose a...Read more

Why Your Performance Appraisal System Isn’t Working

As a business owner, you know that a good performance appraisal system is an integral part of helping employees grow and develop within the company. Most organizations implement some type of tool that can be used to evaluate employee performance, but the problem is that the performance appraisal process doesn’t achieve the desired results. When...Read more

How to Hire Better Employees and Reduce Turnover with Performance Profiles

A case of misaligned expectations is a recipe for trouble whether it’s with your customers, employees, or during a family vacation. I’m writing this while working remotely on Cape Cod at a cottage we’ve rented for nearly twenty years. It has a private beach, housekeeping, and an amazing view from the kitchen table. Here’s what...Read more

Employee Retention Strategies

Why should a PEO or HR service provider care about employee retention best practices? It’s an issue that’s going to crop up in your own business – and for your clients. If you can provide some guidance to your customers to help improve their employee retention plan, they are going to be more successful and...Read more

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